My name is Andre, like Andres without the S (apparently my parents thought they were creative). I went to the the most prestigious business school in the world... SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, ever heard of it.... Anyway, I’m kind of a big deal. At Cornell I went on to get my masters in the most prestigious and virtuous thing I could imagine, lesbian dance theory. I’ve since gone on to work at the worlds #1 consulting firm, Bain... yeah you heard right... Bain..... Although I’m only a junior analyst, I now drive a purple porsche gt3, a green lamborghini and I wear a diamond encrusted Audemarus Piguett. I’m the future big swinging dick here at Bain, trust me, it’s true.... 


Onto my personal life now, I’m really an amazing guy. Every decision I make is legendary, it’s amazing, I’m serious, trust me, all my friends say so *Makes funny hand gesture and positions lips as if preparing to kiss someone*. Anyway back to my point, I consider myself a hardcore Bigender, transracial, cisgender, gender fluid all believing Protestant catholic. In case you were wondering, as with everything else in my life, I’m kind of a big deal at the church, everyone loves me, seriously they tell me all the time.... they say... “hey Andre we love you”.... Believe me it’s true, it’s amazing. 


So as you can see by my bio I’m a huge deal, Everyone loves Andre. Andre over and out.... PEACE! *mic drop*